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Save Customers & Support Teams Time by publishing important documents directly to your product pages.
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How does it work?

Install The App

Step 1.

Installation is easy... whether you use Shopify or BigCommerce, setup is a breeze and our helpful support staff is always here to help you!

Upload Files

Step 2.

Upload all if your products' Instruction Manuals, Registration Forms, Setup Guides, Data & Safety Sheets, Videos and more! Any kind of file is fine, we can support just about anything. Our only limitation is a 2.5MB max file size.

Connect Files to Products

Step 3.

Choose which products are related to which files, and thats it! From now on, when you customers visit your product pages, they will see a list of files available that are relavent to that product.



"Who knew such a simple upgrade to our site could improve our conversion rates so much? Every store needs to give Relately a try."

-Spartan Equipment.


"Great App for upsells. Easy to work with, with the right use a great sales boost app. We had a different app before that was to hard to use. We also like the different variations you can add to your checkout card. Great Tool for everyone who wants to increase the sales easy."

-Surival Kit Warehouse.


"We really cant say enough good things about the Relately team, they worked with us through installation and really helped optimize our related products. Sales have never been better!"

-Auto Rim Shop

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)!

How to install?

Installation and setup should take no longer then 15 minutes. You just need to install, upload files, setup relations and you are done. If you run into problems our support staff is here to help!

Who needs this App

Anyone with Instruction Manuals, Setup Guides, Product Data/Safety Sheets, Warranty or Registration cards or any really other important document or file purchasers or customers should be able to download.

What do I do if I need help?

Our friendly support staff is available via Chat and Email for you, should you have any questions during setup, or afterwards.

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